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COBE Grad, Hailie Johnson-Waskow, Named New Communications Director for ID House and Senate Democrats


Hailie Johnson-Waskow, a College of Business and Economics alumni, has been named communications director for the Idaho State House and Senate Democrats. In this new position, Hailie will handle anything that the Idaho State House of Representatives and Senate Democrats need regarding communications. In her new position, Hailie will be overseeing the communications for the House and Senate Democrats to the press and public through social media, press releases, op-eds, interviews and more.

Hailie earned degrees from Boise State University in economics and political science. Participating in debate in high school led Hailie to be interested in political science.

“Debating throughout high school and college helped me see how I could help make changes where I live and make it a better place. Economics just kind of happened, however, that degree has helped me understand what people were talking about when it came to the economics of the state,” said Hailie.

Hailie didn’t get to where she is today overnight. She had to work hard through internships and networking to see results.

“I started as an intern at a magazine and interned with the House of Representatives,” said Hailie. “Then I networked my way to the top with some luck and skill.”

Hailie offered some advice for Boise State students.

“You never know what opportunities you’re going to have. Talk to as many people as you can. Take any opportunity you can even if it is not what you planned to do,” said Hailie.