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What Students and Alumni Say

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Ten Year of Things to Celebrate

2022 marked the 10th anniversary of the Micron Business and Economics Building. We asked students about their impressions of the building and the College of Business and Economics.

Claire Hindrop

Claire Hindrup

“I remember coming to Boise State and going into the business building, which was big and open, perfect for studying. When I met the advising team at COBE, they were inviting and friendly, much less intimidating than some of the other business programs I looked at. I am from Olympia, Washington, and Boise State wasn’t on my radar until I checked out College of Business and Economics. The opportunities and options felt real and practical for me. I am so glad I was introduced to the business program at Boise State while on my college search because the vibes drew me in and now I am here!” — Class of 2024, majoring in marketing, from Olympia, Washington.

Amanda Almeida

Amanda Almeida

“When I entered the Micron Business and Economics Building for the first time I felt as though I was entering a real company building and it has been a great environment to learn in. I have enjoyed learning about business from a real-world perspective and not just from a textbook. Professors teach from life experience and they have greatly impacted my college experience.”

Nate Barker playing water polo

Nate Barker

“I chose a major in business at Boise State because the university is a highly rated school for business. Boise State checked all the boxes for what I was looking for in a school. The first time I was in the business building I thought it was fantastic. It is a great place to study, the physical classrooms are really nice and the access to academic help was very apparent. The vibe is professional yet chill. I have appreciated the academic advising once a semester. I am getting a bachelor’s degree, a minor, and a certificate and these advising meetings have been a huge help keeping me organized and on track.” — Class of 2024, majoring in marketing with minoring in sustainability and a certificate in sports coaching and on the water polo team, from Roseville, California.

Class of '18

Eric Torres-Garcia

Eric and his mom, Pilar Torres
Eric and his mom, Pilar Torres

“I was studying international business — a lot of that really is accounting, marketing and general things a business needs to run and be successful. So, because of that program, I was able to manage a lot of the things when I first started to build the foundation for the business, to then scale it up and move forward,” said Torres-Garcia, founder and owner of Cocoa Bombs. He has a 6,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Blackfoot, Idaho, and sells Cocoa Bombs worldwide with pending distribution through Kroger’s!

Video Transcript

IB Graduate Praises COBE Professors

“The College of Business and Economics has played a pivotal role in my academic path and future career. From growing my interest in Asia to supporting my graduate school applications, the International Business Program truly changed my life’s projection. I could not have asked for more supportive and erudite professors. The faculty was determinative in my college career, and they still unfailingly support my post–Boise State endeavors.”

–Gregory Wischer, BBA in international business ’20, from Grand Forks, North Dakota

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Patrick McCuistion

“I love COBE and I am so thankful for the incredible professors who taught me what it means to be a student of business. To this day, I spend every hour in the office continuing to be a student of business and I hope to grow even more in my love for education and the role it plays in creating a well-balanced worker in the years to come.” — Patrick McCuistion, BBA in business and economic analytics ’20, data and reporting analyst for Amazon. 

Photo: Patrick plays piano for the Boise-based band, The Governors. Patrick is standing at right.

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The perfect vibe

It is where I want to be

“There is nothing quite like walking up to the Micron Business and Economics Building. It is a second home to me. It is where I realized I am on the right path to what I want to do with my life and is the perfect atmosphere to work toward my goals.”

— Emily Castronuevo (BBA in marketing)

COBE Opened Doors to Leading Local Businesses

Josef Sandahl

“I am grateful for the meaningful opportunities the College of Business and Economics provided to connect with local companies! One such opportunity was a project with Micron that I got to be a part of. A group of six students, consisting of a mix of engineering and supply chain management students, were selected, and we were tasked with providing Micron with recommendations for how to optimize some of their processes and their use of resources.

This project was a highlight of my four years at Boise State, and it felt rewarding to work with real data from a real company to provide solutions that are now actually being implemented!

We all grew immensely in both our hard and soft skills as a result of the project. This opportunity also led to a job for me at Micron after graduating and helped me to launch my career. In short, the College of Business and Economics not only provided me with relevant classroom teaching but also open doors to leading local businesses.”

— Josef Sandahl, supply chain management

I Found Community

“When I first got to Boise State University as a freshman, I immediately found community in the College of Business and Economics. The professors and administration were always willing to support me and answer all of my questions (and I had a lot). COBE became a home for me, a place of learning and growth, a place where I knew I could always go. The College of Business and Economics set me up for future opportunities and success, and I could not be more grateful for what it gave me.”

–Kaleb Smith, ’20 BBA in finance and a minor in economics from Dalton Gardens, Idaho.

May 2020 Graduate

Ali Likes the Friendly Vibe

Ali Almutairi (in the white gown in the photo) likes the friendly vibe at Boise State. “People are smiling while walking down the street,” he said when he was interviewed as a first-year. Ali graduated with a BBA in accounting and finances. His friend in the blue gown is Hamad Jamahir, BBA in information technology management.

Putting Knowledge to Work

We strives to create opportunities for students — and supply chain management student, Stacy Branzova took advantage. Stacy had the opportunity to work on a student-led project with Micron.

“This project was a wonderful opportunity to work with a local company and get hands-on experience in the field,” said Stacy. “The student team came together from different backgrounds and worked to solve a complex problem while allowing each individual to grow and develop professionally. We were able to utilize everything we’ve learned in classes and further advance our skill sets. In the end, this has led to a great opportunity to continue working with Micron. Overall, I am very thankful for this experience and all the relationships I have built.”

COBE Gave Me the Knowledge to Help My Business Grow

I started a handmade soap business in high school. After gaining valuable knowledge from my business courses at the College of Business and Economics (COBE) at Boise State, I put together a business plan to attract investors. I captured the attention of a CBD oil company based in Denver, Colorado, and negotiated a deal incorporating their CBD oil into my handmade soaps.

Without COBE, I wouldn’t have understood the intricacies of marketing objectives, budgets, ROI, promotions and business to business communications.

COBE provided me with a valuable understanding of how to bring a product to market, and sales are going great!

–Blake Maculley, marketing student

blake maculley

Gabby Loves the Vibe

Gabby Bates from Tualatin, Oregon, loves the vibe at Boise State and College of Business and Economics, “…because the Micron Business and Economics building is jaw-dropping and all of the professors were more than happy to help me and answer my questions!!”

Double major in business administration and entrepreneurship management.

Kyle Luster

“COBE truly become a second home for me and I feel so lucky to call myself a Bronco. I have thrived in the COBE vibe and have had many opportunities along the way. I work as a peer advisor with COBE Advising Services. I love going to work every day because I get to help students and make an impact on people’s lives. Plus, I get to work with incredible people who genuinely care about each other and the students that they advise. This positive environment makes me feel proud to be part of the amazing COBE advising team, proud to a COBE student and proud to be a Bronco!”

Kyle (at left in the photo) is from Waipahu, Hawaii. You may see him around Boise performing in his band Red Light Challenge with his brother Sean (a Boise State Career Track MBA graduate).

A junior from Henderson, Nevada, studying marketing.

Breanne Lobenberg

“Walking through the campus of Boise State felt like a community and a place I would learn and grow as a person. The College of Business and Economics gave me a sense of a future and connections. I knew my first time visiting Boise State it was the place for me. There’s a certain vibe you feel when being involved and just being present on campus. Everyone is smiling, making the world a better place and always open to meeting new people.”

"College has the best of two worlds."

owen and Kim

“I have a social life filled with sports, friends and Greek life, and I am learning the ins and outs of business. By the time I graduate I will have enjoyed myself and I will have the skills to be successful out in the real world.” –Owen Kempf, junior double majoring in supply chain management and information technology management, Eagle, Idaho.