Being a Woman and an Entrepreneur – Panel Discussion

women panelists and audience
(photo courtesy of Taylor Humby and The Arbiter)

Women in Entrepreneurship Week is a global affair, celebrated in over 20 countries and across the United States. Here at Boise State in support of this event, 3 amazing women spoke about their experiences as entrepreneurs and as women. With close to 60 attendees, including students, faculty, and staff, Sylvia Hampel from ClearView Cleaning, Danielle Day Huff from C&H Baseball, and Liza Roeser from had a lively discussion talking about risks, rewards, personal motivations (and meditations), and the challenges of day-to-day life — business and personal.

The event was held October 23 in the Micron Business and Economics Building. Karen Nicholas, assistant professor in the Department of Management, organized and moderated the event.

panelists Sylvia Hample, Liza Roeser, Danielle Day Huff
Sylvia Hampel, Liza Roeser and Danielle Day Huff (photo courtesy of Taylor Humby and The Arbiter)

“While women-owned firms account for 40% of all businesses, they tend to be small, both in employment and revenues, and we need to encourage this group to grow and develop their companies,” said Nicholas. “Based on the number of student questions and how quickly time passed, it was an enjoyable experience for both the entrepreneurs and the audience!”