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Idaho Event Professionals Gathers Members for Ethics Training at Boise State University

From extravagant galas to intimate gatherings, from weddings to corporate events, event professionals are the architects behind unforgettable moments. They handle logistics, venue selection, vendor coordination, and overall event management. Yet, like any industry, the world of event planning isn’t immune to ethical pitfalls.

Idaho Event Professionals 2024 February Cohort
Idaho Event Professionals: an association of event professionals committed to rewriting the narrative.

On February 21, 2024, Idaho Event Professionals convened at Boise State University’s College of  Business and Economics (COBE) for an energizing training on professional ethics, aiming to raise the industry’s integrity bar. Working with Professor Ruth Jebe, the Hansberger Endowed Chair in Business Ethics at COBE, this initiative aimed to create a culture of professionalism and mitigate unethical behaviors within the industry. Attendees engaged in discussions focused on putting the client first, covering topics like delivering on commitments, honesty in client communication, and working collaboratively to offer the best service to clients. By fostering a culture of integrity and accountability, event professionals strive to enhance trust and credibility within their field, ensuring clients receive fair and reliable services. Congratulations to the members of IEP for taking this step to fortify their commitment to ethical business practices!

For more information on Idaho Event Professionals, visit the IEP website.