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Excerpts from Mike Mers Alumni Gala Awards Acceptance Speech

Video Transcript


Many of you are probably College of Business grads, it without question is the greatest school in the university. Those of you that know the Mers household, and there might be a couple of you that do, you know that if there’s anything at all that’s distinguished about our household- it is my wife and everything that we’ve done as a family to support Boise State in any way has certainly been a team effort for sure.


So I came here in 1988 and that [pointing to the football stadium] was why I came here. I came here to play football in that stadium and play football in that blue field, but that has nothing to do with why I’m here. The reason I’m here is because of the faculty and the staff. The faculty really had open doors, they worked with us, they coached us, they encouraged us, they inspired us to find our interests, to find the things that we were passionate about, and that was my journey at Boise State. It was a faculty that made Boise State home, and just know that the work that you do- it matters. We listen, we learn, and we thank you for the great work that you guys do every day. Thank you.

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