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Boise State Alum “fights perception that CS is a man’s game”

Marianna Budnikova

Marianna Budnikova, a notable Boise State computer science alumni, was featured yesterday in an outstanding article about the need for more women in computer science by Zach Kyle of the Idaho Statesman.

The article, featured on the Idaho Statesman website (no subscription required) and spanning three pages of the print edition, highlights Marianna’s role in the founding and growth of two local nonprofits groups focused on increasing women in computer science, the Boise State chapter of ACM-W and Boise chapter of Girl Develop It!.

There is reason to be encouraged by efforts like Marianna’s to improve the participation of women in computer science. Groups like ACM-W and Girl Develop It! provide great support and mentorship opportunities and Boise State CS has recruited impressive new female faculty, lecturers and adjuncts. Most recently, the department saw 100% retention of female students this spring. These efforts show that investments are being made to move the needle on this issue. We know that we will all collectively benefit from increased interest and enrollment, by women, in computer science, and we are focused and motivated to get there.

Also briefly mentioned in the article are the efforts of current Boise State ACM-W president Kelsey Suyehira and Boise State CS adjunct faculty Jane Miceli.