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CS Students Design Adopt-A-Meal Site for Interfaith Sanctuary

interfaith sanctuary building mural

A Boise State Computer Science Senior Design Team was featured in a report by KTVB for their work to design a meal volunteer web application for the local Interfaith Sanctuary Shelter. Interfaith provides shelter, food and other subsistence to individuals and families struggling with homelessness in Boise. Unfortunately they don’t have access to a kitchen on the weekends so meals are usually cold (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) unless individuals or organizations provide a hot meal. In order to better facilitate volunteered meals, Interfaith approached the CS department for assistance in developing a web based app.

As a result, senior design project team, Team MergeConflicts, developed the Adopt-a-Meal Web Application which allows organizations to volunteer to provide a meal at the shelter through a straightforward web interface by selecting a date on a calendar and filling out a form. Once a date is selected and the form is complete, Interfaith Sanctuary administration are notified and can review the volunteer’s request. Once approved, a volunteer organization’s information is added to the calendar and other organizations are no longer able to volunteer on that particular date. This assists Interfaith Sanctuary with coordinating donated meals while also recognizing local organizations that provide for the shelter. Additionally, the web application includes a dynamic thank-you list that updates the organizations who have donated meals, an admin settings page, and a meal suggestions page in which users can submit meal ideas for the specific serving size requested by Interfaith Sanctuary. This program is also open source, allowing its use by other organizations locally and around the world.

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Team MergeConflicts members include Saif Al Mahmud, Daniel Bakyono, Melissa Bower, Joey Carmona, Nicholas McNew, Zach Mikel, Matt Smith, and Tyler Wigington.