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Introducing CS to Students Across the Treasure Valley

Students, staff, and faculty at the Department of Computer Science at Boise State University had a busy semester attending events around the community to help inform about skills that are becoming more important all the time. They answered questions about what Computer Science is and what kinds of careers that can lead in software development, scientific research, and application in almost any aspect of our lives. Students who graduate from our program get good jobs with good salaries. Many stay in Idaho, but some go onto places like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and others go onto masters and doctorate programs to continue their studies.


SheTech on January 31 at College of Idaho

SheTech is an amazing organization that helps girls and women explore opportunities for education and careers in technology fields. An alumna and one of our current students joined this year’s SheTech Explorer Day. Boise State Computer Science has been involved in SheTech Explorer Day for a number of years now, and it was exciting to be at the C of I campus this year. 

This video shows more about the event (you can see our table at the 20 second mark).


West Ada School District College & Career Fair

West Ada is Idaho’s biggest school district. This year they held a Career Day event at Rocky Mountain High School. It was packed with all kinds of organizations for jobs and colleges, and of course there were many engaged students! The video below shows some highlights, including the faculty and student from Computer Science who attended the event:


College and Career Fair Video


Vallivue High School STEM Career Fair

Two undergraduate students attended the Vallivue High School STEM Career Fair in Caldwell. Like all of our events, we bring some robots and give students (in some cases, their first!) coding/programming experience. Students program the robots to do things like pick up and stack blocks all within just a few minutes. 

Computer Science students at recruitment desk


Galileo STEM Event

Galileo is a STEM academy in Eagle. Most of the attendees were energetic, elementary-aged kids, who lined up to program the robots.

Computer Science teacher talking to elementary student


North Star Charter School Career Fair

North Star is a charter school in Eagle. Students came in groups to ask about Computer Science. It was a very organized event and each student was able to spend ample amounts of time with each organization. Some students had never programmed before, so before the end of the day they got to write their first program to control a robot.

Computer Science student talking to junior high students