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“Tech Takes Off” in Boise (Idaho Business Review)

The Idaho Business Review’s Chloe Baul reports on the Idaho’s tech workforce and opportunities as the effects of the pandemic have drawn down, resulting in local companies better able to compete for local computer science professionals against out of state remote work roles.

The report, posted on the Idaho Business Review website (no subscription required for this article), also noted specifically the role of Boise State University’s Department of Computer Science in fueling the local software ecosystem.

“Boise State University has witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of computer science graduates in recent years. While a decade ago, the university produced around 20 to 25 computer science graduates each spring, it now boasts well over 100 graduates annually.

According to Crabbs, about 85% of graduates from the BSU’s College of Engineering Computer Science Department remain employed by Idaho-based companies five years after completing their degrees.”Chloe Baul, Idaho Business Review

You can read more about Idaho’s thriving tech sector at Idaho Business Review: Tech Takes Off