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Student Outreach

CS Extras program group participant photo

One program in particular is making a difference to students and the tech industry alike: CS Extras is an industry-led education series that connects software professionals with tomorrow’s Computer Science graduates. The program educates and motivates students to finish a Computer Science degree by helping students fill in the gaps between Computer Science concepts and the realities of today’s software development careers.  CS Extras provides CS students with insights about their future work life in the software industry, and provides supplemental training to enhance the core curriculum and introduce students to technologies they would not be exposed to with their standard coursework. The program connects students with industry professionals who expose the students to current technologies, explain what the day-to-day work life is like and demonstrate the products and services they’re building.

Code Camp

Boise’s Code Camp is among the largest gathering of software and technology professionals in the inland northwest, attracting around 400 participants from Idaho and nearby states.

Dubbed Boise Code Camp, the free event for those working or interested in information technology is organized by technology community volunteers and hosted every year on the Boise State campus by the Department of Computer Science in the College of Engineering. It aims to bring topics and training in cutting-edge software and information technology to the participants through over 50 presentations on topics ranging from big data to mobile apps.

The event is sponsored by local software companies and Boise State.

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