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CCP Building Information

View towards the SouthEast of the City Center Plaza Building

Located at 777 West Main in Downtown Boise, adjacent to the Grove Plaza, City Center Plaza (CCP) is in the heart of Boise’s tech ecosystem, providing computer science students with an unparalleled opportunity for internships and other interactions with industry in a modern and inviting learning environment. The Department of Computer Science occupies a first floor lobby which connects by elevator or stairway to the second and third floors.

CCP Emergency Procedures

Emergencies are rare, but if one should arise, everyone needs to work together. All visitors to CCP should be aware of their surroundings and familiar with some basic safety and security concepts:

  • In case of an emergency, dial 911 for assistance.
  • Every CCP classroom contains an emergency procedure guide on a wall near the door. Visitors should make a note of the guide’s physical location and review the online emergency procedure guide.
  • CCP Egress Plan map showing evacuation routeEvery CCP classroom also contains an evacuation route map on a wall near the door. Visitors should review this emergency route so they know the general evacuation route to the designated evacuation assembly area which is The Grove Plaza. The only stairwell that should be used for evacuation is the South stairwell located across the hall from the Kount Tutoring Center on the second floor or near the ping pong table on the third floor.
  • Visitors with special needs related to a potential emergency situation should speak with instructors or administrative staff at their earliest availability.

CCP Details

Transportation and Parking

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