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Ellie Schlake wins the prestigious NSF GRFP award. 

Ellie Schlake from BSU won the prestigious NSF GRFP award. Showcasing her research activity

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Ellie Schlake wins HERC Fellowship

September 2021

Tevin Poudrier and Joshua Reser joined the group. 

August 2021

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June 2021

Dr. Nirmala Kandadai and Dr. Harish Subbaraman were awarded IGEM commerce grant with Fiberguide Industries for researching Novel optical coating on Optical Fibers

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May 2021

Javier Corona joined FLAIR group

April 2021

We mourn the sudden and tragic loss of David Vogel. 

We lost a dedicated, hardworking, and compassionate colleague. David in addition to being an amazing Engineering was a world record bicyclist. In his memory, please read Interview: Davy and Daryl Vogel, Pan-American cyclists.

Anupama Dhamala passed her qualifiers!!!

January 2021

David Vogel joined FLAIR

December 2020

Dr. Todd Otanicar awarded DOE SIPS project with Dr. Nirmala Kandadai

September 2020

Devyn Duryea joined the FLAIR group

June 2020

Sohel Rana passed his proposal

Congratulations Sohel!

September 2019

Dr. Nirmala Kandadai and Dr. Subbaraman awarded $198,000 to investigate In pile instrumentation

August 2019

Dr. Nirmala Kandadai receives HERC Incubation Fund

Dr. Nirmala Kandadai has received a $75,000 award to purchase a femtosecond laser system. Read more about HERC incubation award here

July 2019

Great Job Ashley Rivera at the LSAMP presentation!!!

Ashley Rivera presenting slide about ellipsometry

May 2019

Congratulations to Prof Dave Estrada- New AD for CAES!!

May 2019

Congratulations Prof Subbaraman for winning NASA EPSCOR along with Dr’s Nirmala Kandadai, Dave Estrada, Jim Browning and Ken Cornell

April  2019

Bahareh Badamchi Passes Her PhD Comprehensive Exam

Congratulations Bahareh!

April  2019

Paper accepted for oral presentation at Optical Sensors and Sensing Conference

A paper submitted by Sohel Rana titled ” Role of Metal Coating Parameters on the Reflective Long Period Grating Spectrum,” has been accepted for oral presentation. Congrats Sohel!

April 2019

Sohel Rana Passes His PhD Comprehensive Exam

Congratulations Sohel!

April  2019

Dr. Nirmala Kandadai Joins ECE Faculty


The FLAIR Lab congratulates Dr. Nirmala Kandadai on accepting an offer to join the Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty as a tenure track Assistant Professor. Dr. Kandadai brings a great deal of expertise in materials science and fiber optic sensors for harsh radiation and other extreme environments to the College of Engineering at Boise State University!

February  2019

Dr. Nirmala Kandadai accepted into 2019 CAES Summer Visiting Faculty Program

Dr. Nirmala Kandadai has been accepted into the 2019 CAES Summer Visiting Faculty Program. The summer program has been designed to bring university faculty and Idaho National Laboratory (INL) researchers together to interact, build new relationships/networks, and develop joint funded research programs. Congratulations Dr. Kandadai!

January  2019

Dr. Marcus Pearlman joins FLAIR Lab

Dr. Marcus Pearlman joined the FLAIR lab to lead IR Thermography experiments. Welcome!

January  2019

Undergraduates James Lamb and Attila Rektor join FLAIR Lab

Materials Science undergraduates, James Lamb and Attila Rektor joined the FLAIR lab to work on IR Thermography experiments. Welcome!

September  2018

FLAIR Researchers Granted DOE Grant to Pursue Radiation Hardened Optical Fiber Research

Dr. Nirmala Kandadai (PI), Dr. Harish Subbaraman (co-PI), and a Materials Science faculty Dr. Lan Li (co-PI) are awarded a DOE grant through the In-Pile Instrumentation program to research optical fiber materials and dopants for extreme environments

September  2018

FLAIR Researchers Granted DOE Grant to Pursue IR Thermography for Imaging Cracks in Extreme Environments

Dr. Harish Subbaraman (PI) and Dr. Nirmala Kandadai (co-PI) are awarded a DOE grant through the In-Pile Instrumentation program to research IR Thermography to image real-time crack formation in nuclear fuels

May 2018

Sohel Rana Awarded INL Fellowship

Sohel Rana
Sohel Rana conducting research in the FLAIR lab, Allison Corona photo.

Graduate student, Sohel Rana, was recently awarded the INL Fellowship to continue research of fiber-optic sensors design and fabrication. Congratulations!

Aug  2017

Two PhD Students Join FLAIR Lab

Graduate students Sohel Rana and Bahareh Badamchi join the FLAIR Lab. Welcome!

June  2017

Dr. Harish Subbaraman Awarded DOE NEUP Project

Dr. Harish Subbaraman and another ECE faculty Dr. Maria Mitkova were awarded a DOE NEUP project titled “Integrated silicon/chalcogenide glass hybrid plasmonic sensor for monitoring of temperature in nuclear facilities”. This 3-year $712,000 award will enable the researchers to develop temperature sensors capable of providing real-time temperature information inside nuclear reactors.