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Laser Micromachining

Novel Mid IR laser on fibers and chip

Laser sources in the mid-infrared (Mid-IR) region are of great interest in a variety of commercial military and scientific applications. A powerful mid IR laser is a present need in multiple areas such as remote chemical sensing, environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, laser radar, and molecular spectroscopy. In this project we look at using fs etched type II gratings to create waveguides and fibe Bragg gratings in Mid IR materials such ZnSe, ZBLAN and Chalcogenide fibers. We investigate the potential to create a laser cavity in mid IR bulk and fibers.


Ultrafast Laser ablation of nanoparticles

We seek to create a suspension of nanoparticles through laser ablation of materials or through laser ablation of sample in solution to create nanoparticles of material that are conventionally resistant to Ball milling. We have created novel nanoparticles such as Nickel, titanium and Galfenol. We have an IGEM project investigating these inks as a potential coating for optical fibers.

Nickel titanium nanoparticles from laser ablation

Laser micromachining

Femtosecond laser is utilized to precisely machine materials such as stainless steel and optical fibers to create gratings for acoustic and optical sensors