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Oct. 17 – ASHRAE Workshops free to students

HVAC worker on roof

Please join the Idaho Chapter of ASHRAE for “Back to School” Morning Workshops in coordination with the Boise State Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Department. Dr. Julia Keen, ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, will be presenting to both local professionals and students about the applicability of Psychrometrics and the impact ASHRAE has had in the building industry over the last 125 years. Finally, our monthly lunch meeting will be an interactive presentation on ethical decision-making.

We look forward to seeing both students and professionals there!


Topic Descriptions:

a man working in an air conditioned officePsyched for Psychrometrics

Psychrometrics is an important and powerful tool for HVAC design and problem-solving. Unfortunately, its intimidating appearance can deter use. This presentation begins with an introduction to the psychrometric chart (for those who are new to it or need a quick review) but quickly moves into how to apply this tool for better design decisions and to solve problems with system operation. Specific areas addressed include – system capacity, part loads, energy recovery, and condensation.

ASHRAE Headquarters buildingASHRAE’s Impact in the Industry – Past, Present, and Future

2019-2020 is ASHRAE’s 125th Anniversary. This presentation provides a summary of ASHRAE’s history and reviews the many areas in which ASHRAE has had an impact. It also presents the current direction of ASHRAE as it evolves to meet the needs of its members and industry. The objectives of the organization in the near future as a result of the new strategic plan are introduced. This presentation will also discuss some of the opportunities being explored as ASHRAE considers its role as a future industry leader. As history shows, there is a need for continual improvement and change to remain relevant and maintain a prominent position within the industry.

audience at a presentationEthical Decision Making – An Exercise in Application

In lieu of the traditional lecture-style presentation, this is a structured interactive exercise. The participant will be provided a copy of both the ASHRAE and the Professional Engineering Code of Ethics. A methodology for ethical decision-making will be introduced. Realistic ethical dilemmas from the practice of building design and construction will be presented. Based on the information provided and using the provided Codes of Ethics the participants will be asked to make their own decision, discuss this with their table, and then be lead through the decision-making process as a group. The ethical dilemmas begin as fairly simple black-and-white analyses and are progressively made more complex during the session.

Speaker Description:

Julia Keen
Dr. Julia Keen, Professor of Architectural Engineering and Construction Science at Kansas State University

Julia Keen is a Professor of Architectural Engineering and Construction Science at Kansas State University holding the Bob and Betty Tointon Engineering endowed chair. She also owns her own consulting company, Keen Designs, PA. Her specific areas of interest include HVAC design, energy codes, high-performance design, HVAC education, and the advancement of women in the building design and construction industry.

Julia Keen received her Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Engineering from Kansas State University. Upon graduation, she worked as a Mechanical/Electrical Project Engineer in Waterloo, Iowa. In this capacity, she was responsible for the design of building systems from initial planning stages through final project inspection and completion. In July 2003, Julia accepted a faculty position with K-State in the Architectural Engineering and Construction Science Department.

She completed her Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering (2005) and her Doctorate (2010) in Education both from K-State. She is a Licensed Mechanical Professional Engineer in Kansas and Iowa and holds the ASHRAE Certification – High-Performance Building Design Professional (HBDP). In addition to her 9-month faculty appointment at K-State, Julia has the opportunity to stay current with the HVAC industry in a consulting capacity. Her consulting endeavors include performing as HVAC professional education consultant, engineering design, plan check and quality review, and acting as an owner’s representative in facility planning and project implementation.


Event Schedule

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

BSU / ASHRAE “Back to School” Morning Workshop Sessions
BSU Student Union – Bishop Barnwell Room
– 9:00 AM – Psyched for Psychometrics Presentation
– 10:15 AM  – ASHRAE Impact on the Industry
– Light Refreshments Provided!

Monthly Meeting
Idaho Water Center (322 E Front St Boise ID 83702)
– 11:45 AM – Ethical Decision Making
   Lunch Provided!


$0.00 ASHRAE Member – Morning Workshops AND Lunch Meeting
$20.00 Non-ASHRAE Member – Morning Workshop AND Lunch Meeting
$0.00 ASHRAE Member – Morning Workshops Only
$0.00 ASHRAE Member – Lunch Meeting Only
$0.00 ASHRAE Member – Virtual Link All Presentations
$0.00 Non-ASHRAE Member – Morning Workshop Only
$20.00 Non-ASHRAE Member – Lunch Meeting Only
$10.00 Non-Member – Virtual Link All Presentations
FREE – Students with coupon code (COEN-MBE)

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Boise State Bishop Barnwell Room at the Student Union
1700 W University Dr
Boise, ID 83725

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