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Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

Alternate Grading for Spring 2020

Due to the recent switch to remote learning, Boise State has decided to give students the option of changing your final course letter grade to Pass/D/Fail.

For those students interested in changing a grade to a Pass/Fail, please see our previous post on what is involved and how to make the request. As always, we recommend you check with your advisor for this type of decision, as it cannot be reversed.

Read the grade exchange post

Engineering for the 21st century

Mechanical engineers can work anywhere. That’s why Boise State’s program is committed to giving you a solid foundation in engineering principles while offering tailored opportunities to apply that learning to real-world problems.

We’re all about providing you a quality educational experience through immersive study and experiential learning opportunities. We believe that you learn more when you apply your learning, and we offer classes and resources where you can do just that!

New undergraduate program

A modernized curriculum

A systems approach to engineering education means classes aren’t taught as disconnected units, but support each other while building a strong understanding of engineering principles. With unprecedented advances in technology, engineers need to be agile in adapting to new tools and systems. Our modernized program is working to offer you greater flexibility, experiential learning opportunities, and new focused emphasis areas to prepare you to take your place in the field.

Learn more about the new curriculum

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