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Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

Thursday, December 9 - Ruch Engineering Atrium - 4:00-6:00 PM

Capstone Design Showcase

See design projects from Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, and some choice sophomore design students at the Fall 2021 Capstone Design Showcase!

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We’re excited to see you at the event!

Join us this Thursday, December 9!

Time is passing, so be sure and schedule a visit to this semester’s awesome event!

MBE News

Activities for graduating seniors
Nov. 30: Stem cells in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering
Hiring Graders/Peer Educators for Spring 2022
Nuclear Energy Funding Opportunity for Students
Elective Options for Spring 2022
Register by 11/10 for Order of the Engineer

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Engineering for the 21st century

Mechanical engineers can work anywhere. That’s why Boise State’s program is committed to giving you a solid foundation in engineering principles while offering tailored opportunities to apply that learning to real-world problems.

We’re all about providing you a quality educational experience through immersive study and experiential learning opportunities. We believe that you learn more when you apply your learning, and we offer classes and resources where you can do just that!

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