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Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

MBE News

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Spring Semester COVID Updates
Webinars for Student Online Success
P/F grading option available for fall
ASME Scholarships - Application Now Open!
Engineering faculty awarded funding to enable next gen solar power, thermal energy storage methods

Engineering for the 21st century

Mechanical engineers can work anywhere. That’s why Boise State’s program is committed to giving you a solid foundation in engineering principles while offering tailored opportunities to apply that learning to real-world problems.

We’re all about providing you a quality educational experience through immersive study and experiential learning opportunities. We believe that you learn more when you apply your learning, and we offer classes and resources where you can do just that!

What we strive for

Our values

The MBE faculty/staff are:

  • Cooperative/Collaborative
  • Inclusive/Respectful
  • Professional/Ethical
  • Innovative
  • Impactful