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Be part of an ASME Regional event!

The Boise State Mechanical Engineering Club and Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Department are excited to bring the Western Region ASME EFx to the campus of Boise State University!

ASME EFz 2024 – April 26-28, 2024

The EFx is a two-day event designed to bring the excitement, community, innovation, and vibrant experience of an ASME E-Fests event to engineering students at local colleges and universities around the world. Student teams from across the western United States will be on hand for learning, networking, and fun competition.

An EFx event is planned and executed by local students and faculty with the support of ASME staff. These events foster engagement and networking opportunities on a localized level.

EFx will take your engineering skills to the next level through:

  • Engineering competitions that will test your engineering and your professional skills
  • Interactive workshops/training sessions on career and professional development
  • Social/fun/networking events to meet your peers, local companies, and celebrate engineering!

Volunteer for EFx at Boise State!

Be a part of this unique experience!

We are excited to be planning this amazing event on our campus. Part of the EFx model is producing a net-zero event and covering our expenses and staffing needs internally. Here is where we need you!

An event this size will require dozens of volunteer staffers to both prepare for and execute the event. We’re looking for students from all majors to assist us in managing this project in the areas of:

  • Planning and Preparation
    • Fundraising/Donor Management
    • Accounting/Bookkeeping
    • Volunteer Recruiting and Management
    • Visitor Services
      • Hotel and Catering contacts
      • Pre-Event and Event Social Activities
    • Program Development
      • Recruiting speakers
      • Workshops and mentoring sessions
    • Media
      • Web Design/Management
      • Social Media
      • Advertising
      • Print and Digital Media
  • Event Operations
    • Registration/Information Services
    • Human-Powered Vehicle Competition management and staffing
    • Elevator Pitch management and staffing
    • IT support

Volunteer for EFx at Boise State!