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BroncoAlert: Spring Flood and River Safety Advisory

a rushing river

During the spring season, it is essential to consider the potential for flooding that may impact our campus.

While the Boise River is a picturesque feature of our city, its proximity increases the risk of campus flooding. Rising river levels associated with periods of increased precipitation, snowmelt, and water releases from Lucky Peak can result in unsafe water recreation conditions, localized flooding in low-lying areas adjacent to the river, and groundwater seepage into university buildings.

Boise State Emergency Management Office (EMO) actively monitors weather patterns and river levels to identify and assess potential threats to campus. In most cases, the EMO will send a BroncoAlert notifying campus community members of conditions that pose an imminent threat to safety or property. To help ensure the safety of the campus community, please consider the following:

  • Stay Informed. Watch or listen to local news updates, weather forecasts, and BroncoAlerts for any flood-related advisories or warnings.
  • Be wise about your river-related activities during high river flows. Ada County Emergency Management & Community Resilience advises that rising river flows along the Boise River can increase the risk to public safety, especially for those who recreate near or on the river. Individuals should use extreme caution or even avoid activity altogether near the river banks during these times.
    • Currently, the Boise River is deep, cold, and fast and the river banks may be slick and unstable.
    • It only takes 6 inches of moving water to knock someone down and only 12 inches to sweep a vehicle away.
    • Fast water flows can push debris downriver, which can cause injury or trap an individual in or under the water.
    • Some areas along the Greenbelt may become submerged as river levels rise. Do not walk, swim, ride, or drive through flood waters. If you approach a flooded area, turn around.
    • Never go through barricades.
  • Report Concerns. If you observe any signs of flooding, such as rising water levels or blocked drainage systems, please report them to the Boise State University Department of Public Safety at or (208) 426-6911. Your prompt action could help mitigate potential damage and ensure the safety of our campus community.

For more information regarding flood preparedness, please visit: Ada County How to Prepare for Flood Resources. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the  Boise State University Emergency Management Office at