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ME Club hosts Western Regional ASME competition – Apr. 27-28

EFx Boise takes place April 27-28 at the Boise State Stadium parking lot.

Introducing the ASME 2024 EFx event at Boise State

EFx Boise is a two-day engineering festival being put on by the Mechanical Engineering Club and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers at BSU. Get ready for fun high-speed races between 8 different teams traveling to Boise from across the western US, multiple interesting lightning talks, and a few different social and networking sessions focused on helping students get connected to professionals in the local area!

Boise State’s Mechanical Engineering Club will be racing their vehicle in the competition this year! They have been working on their vehicle since the beginning of the fall semester and are incredibly excited to be the first team at Boise State to complete and race a bike in the eHPVC competition since 2019.

EFx event information

eHPV Competition

“e-HPVC is an engineering design & innovation competition where students can apply engineering principles through the design, fabrication, and racing of human-powered vehicles.”– ASME site

The Human Powered Vehicle Competition (HPVC) is an annual competition hosted by ASME where various universities build vehicles to compete in a 2.5-hour endurance race. This year the rules have changed to allow an electrical motor to help power the vehicle.

The vehicle is a hybrid tricycle with an integrated electrical hub motor at the back and pedals in the front for human-powered driving. The team will be racing against the clock and against teams from other West Coast schools.

List of Boise State riders

  • Maddie Jackson
  • Brooke Allen
  • Aiden Surovic
  • Dominic Bianchi
  • Trent Settlemier
  • Yafa Benavidez
  • Gigi Brandes
  • Paytra Oldenburg
  • Connor Barry
  • Dylan Rice
  • Daniel Miller
  • Chris Dagher

Visiting Teams

  • California State University, Northridge (CSUN)
  • University of San Diego
  • University of California, Irvine
  • University of Southern California
  • Cal Poly
  • San Jose State University (SJSU)

2024 eHPVC prizes

  • Overall 1st Place:  $1,000.00, trophy
  • Overall 2nd Place:  $750.00, trophy
  • Overall 3rd Place:    $500.00, trophy
  • Design 1st Place:     $250.00, trophy
  • Design 2nd Place:  Trophy
  • Design 3rd Place:   Trophy
  • Endurance 1st Place:  $250.00, trophy
  • Endurance 2nd Place:  Trophy
  • Endurance 3rd Place:   Trophy
  • Drag 1st Place:  $250, trophy
  • Drag 2nd Place:  Trophy
  • Drag 3rd Place:  Trophy
  • Best Innovation (optional award):  $250.00, trophy
  • WINNERS will also receive an ASME Digital Badge (learn more about digital badges)
Get advice from industry professionals

Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks and Workshops

This year’s event features a selection of awesome speakers addressing topics and experiences of industry professionals.

  • Fostering Human Connections in the Digital Era – Dr. Krishna Pakala, Boise State
  • Alternative Routes to STEM – Jeremy Naftzger, Boise State
  • Adapting and Growing from Large Life Change – Kevin Falk, Boise State
  • Product Design and Commercialization – Grey Beaudry, New Product Development Lab
  • The Power of Collaborative Engineering – Sid Sullivan, President – AceCo Precision Manufacturing (ret.)
  • Unconventional Career Path with an Engineering Degree – Mike Francis, Payette Brewing
  • Innovative Careers that Make a Difference – Steven Szymeczek, Founder – 3D Printing Mentality
  • Space Exploration – Astronaut Steve Swanson, Boise State

Get ready ... Get set ...


The Western Regional EFx event is happening now!

Boise State University Stadium Parking lot
April 26-27, 2024

2024 EFx Boise

EFx Boise runs April 27-28 at the Boise State Stadium parking lot. Mark your calendars and come support your favorite racers!