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Current ME Program

A modernized curriculum

A systems approach to engineering education means classes aren’t taught as disconnected units, but support each other while building a strong understanding of engineering principles. With unprecedented advances in technology, engineers need to be agile in adapting to new tools and systems. Our modernized program is working to offer greater flexibility, experiential learning opportunities, and new focused emphasis areas to prepare our engineers to take their place in the field

You can download PDF versions of the curriculum here.

For new students on the 20-21 catalog

For continuing students who may change to the 20-21 catalog

Curriculum Updates


Many changes were made in Fall 2020 as the MBE Department began implementation of a new curriculum. The following implications of these changes are worth noting, as they may impact a small number of students.

Course  ME 481
Description of change  Transition to ME 487 with ME 287 and ME 387 Prerequisites
Effective Date  Fall 2020
Implementation  Fall 2022
Enforcement Date & Impact
Spring 2022 will be the last semester ME 481 will be offered as the first course of the Senior Design sequence. Students beginning Senior Design in Fall 2022 and later will enroll in ME 487 and are expected to have the required prerequisites (ME 287 and ME 387) in order to do so.

Course  ME 321
Description of change  Replaces ME 302 and ME 330. Carries the prerequisites ME 203 and ME 273.
Effective Date  Fall 2020
Implementation  Spring 2022
Enforcement Date & Impact
For three semesters, from Fall 2020 until Fall 2021, the prerequisites of ME 203 and ME 273 will be allowed as co-requisites for students entering ME 321. From Spring 2022 and onward, students must satisfy the prerequisites for ME 321 in order to enroll.