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Financial Support for COEN Students

Photo of COEN students, staff, and faculty at the Top 10 Scholars event.

We are committed to ensuring students do not have to let financial challenges be the reason they do not persist. This is why the College of Engineering provides ways to help you with your finances so you can stay in school through scholarships or emergency funding.

Learn about

COEN Scholarships and Emergency Funding Options

¬†We’ve highlighted scholarships and/or emergency aid options available to students in the College of Engineering and beyond.

COEN Student Scholarships

Learn about scholarships available to all COEN students.

COEN Student Emergency Fund

Learn about COEN funding to support students in an emergency or crisis situation.

Additional Boise State Financial Aid Options

Here are resources beyond the College of Engineering that exist to support any student at Boise State who is looking at additional opportunities to fund their education at Boise State. Learn about all Boise State scholarships here.


Grants are need-based financial aid that do not need to be repaid if you meet all of the conditions of the award.

Learn about grant options


Loans are aid you borrow and pay back to a federal or state institution or private lenders.

Learn about loan options


Work-study is an award that allows you to work on campus and earn a regular paycheck.

Check your work-study eligibility