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Support Spaces

We want to ensure that engineering students feel validated and supported around campus. Below we’ve listed resources outside of the College of Engineering that exist to help all students:

  • Find their people
  • Build their community of support
  • Build knowledge and skills to support your mental health
  • Request academic accommodations

Student Equity Center

Two students at the Student Equity Center Latinx Stole Celebration

Broncos come from all walks of life and Student Equity is here to help make sure every Bronco feels welcome, supported, and celebrated. Learn how we can connect you with the rich diversity that makes up the Boise State community.

Learn more here!

Gender Equity Center

Group photo of students at the Rainbow Graduation Celebration

The Gender Equity Center is a friendly, supportive environment for people of all gender identities to explore, celebrate, and educate the campus community about gender equity.

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Group Therapy

Group of students in group counseling session at Health Services

While a group counseling experience is facilitated by a professional, in many types of groups the members usually determine the specific issues to discuss within each particular group theme. You can also expect to develop new knowledge and skills related to your personal and social needs that can lead to more fulfilling life experiences.

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Educational Access Center (EAC)

The Educational Access Center helps set up academic accommodations for students who have temporary or permanent disabilities.