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Work-study is an award that allows you to work on campus and earn a regular paycheck.

Some benefits of work-study:
  • Your job is convenient – it’s easier to get to work on campus between classes.
  • You’ll gain valuable work experience and build your resume with professional experience.
  • FICA tax is not deducted from your earnings, so you’ll have more take home pay than a comparable off-campus wage.
  • Campus employers make your education a priority and design work schedules around classes.
  • Work-study earnings are deducted from your income on future FAFSAs, so you could be eligible for more aid.

Email our Work-Study Team

Please review this site for program information. If you still have questions, email us anytime at

Work-Study Overview

Add yourself to the waitlist, if you have not yet received an award.

Please submit a Work-Study Request if you are interested in receiving a work-study award. Reminder: We have limited work-study funds and are unable to award all students that are eligible.

Please only submit your information if you have filed a FAFSA, will be enrolled in 6 or more credits, and have remaining need on your account. The formula to determine your remaining need is:

NOTE: Submission of this form does not guarantee that you will receive work-study funding.