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Emergency Response

In Case of Medical Emergency or Fire, Call 9-1-1 From Any Phone.

Other Emergencies

For other emergencies, call 426-6911 (University Security and Police)

Boise State Online Emergency Response Information

College of Engineering Emergency Action & Evacuation Plan (.pdf)

  • This document has content similar to the Boise State Emergency Response Guide above but includes COEN-specific information such as contact information and building maps. It is intended to be widely used by faculty and staff as a  ‘grab and go’ reference in an emergency.
  • Download a copy of the COEN Emergency Action & Evacuation Plan.
  • Note: this document is quite large due to the number of evacuation maps. You may wish to delete the pages of maps for buildings other than your own before printing.

Important Phone Numbers in an Emergency:

Active Shooter Training

Access active shooter and workplace violence training.

Please contact the COEN Safety Liaison if you have any questions or comments relating to safety in the college or content on this website.