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Engineering Innovation Studio

Our Engineering Innovation Studio is filled with state-of-the-art equipment to allow students to develop machining skills. Our new HAAS TL1 lathe is just one of the tools students can use for projects.

Use the Engineering Innovation Studio

As our technical society becomes more digital, modern engineering students must balance complex theory in lecture courses with an opportunity to realize creativity in a real-world fabrication space. Our students now have over 1,000 hours of access to equipment, software, and trained personnel to help them master their skills.

Hours:  Monday thru Friday, 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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EIS offers endless opportunity!

Get your hands dirty!

The staff in the Engineering Innovation Studio are there to help you master your skills and enhance your understanding of the process of building what you design.

Safety and Training

Student preparation

Our facilities are located in the Harry Morrison Civil Engineering Building. The EIS is open to students, faculty, and staff to work on school-related projects. Students working on academic projects will be given priority over others.

Users must complete training associated with the various shop tools before they will be allowed to use them. Each training level, or “tag”, allows them access to different resources.

  • “White tag” gives access to the hand tools, 3D printers, Laser cutter, paint booth, and work areas
  • “Blue tag” for general fabrication tools (drill presses, bandsaws, etc.)
  • “Green tag” for welding and plasma
  • “Orange tag” for mills and lathes



Collaboration and Design Resources

Group collaboration areas
Design software/display stations


6 Prusa 3D printers, including 1 Multi-color
3 Delta 3D printers, including 1 ceramic printer
laser cutter/engraver



2 drill press
horizontal bandsaw
3 vertical bandsaws
hydraulic press
belt sander
2 pedestal grinders
bench polishing and wire brush wheel
arbor press
sheet metal shear
sheet metal brake
bead roller
pipe/tubing bender
various hand tools and handheld power tools
foam cutting hotwire


8 lathes (Jet, Monarch, Sharp, Red, Haas & Tida)
5 mills (Sharp manual and 2 Sharp CNC mills, 1 mini mill)
CNC & Hand-held plasma

Hot Work

metal foundry
TIG welder
3 MIG welders
arc welder
handheld plasma
CNC Plasma
hot cut-off saw


electronics workbench
soldering irons
power supplies
signal generator
wire supply station


dedicated paint booth
polishing equipment
assembly benches

Woodworking / Plastics

table saw
scroll saw
vertical band saw
compound miter saw
dust collection system
fixturing station
various hand tools