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Regalia and Accessories

Commencement regalia, commonly called cap and gown, is required when participating in Boise State University commencement ceremonies. Caps, gowns, tassels, stoles and other accessories are available for purchase year-round, both in-store and online at the Bronco Shop.

Visit the link below to see what regalia is needed for different degree types and to purchase commencement regalia and accessories.

Purchase Commencement Regalia at the Bronco Shop

Additional Honors Apparel

In addition to regalia, students may wear approved honor cords and/or a stole at commencement.  Bachelor’s degree-seeking students on the Dean’s Honor List with a 3.5 GPA or above during the term they are graduating are eligible to wear honor cords at commencement. Honor cords and dated or non-dated celebration stoles are available for purchase at the Bronco Shop.

Those who have earned academic honors or have received honors from an academic honors society may request a custom cord representing those honors. Additionally, university departments or student organizations may request to wear a custom stole. Any other additions to regalia are not permissible.

Custom Cord or Stole Request Form

General Guidelines

More than one honor cord may be worn at the same time; however, only one stole may be worn at a time. For fall ceremony consideration, requests for custom items must be submitted by Sept. 15 and for spring ceremony consideration, requests must be submitted by Feb. 15.

Custom Honor Cords

Academic honor societies may request permission to wear honor cords or stoles. Since commencement is an academic ceremony, honors apparel must have an academic affiliation and be reviewed by the commencement team prior to purchasing.

Custom Stole

Custom stoles can be used to showcase your organization’s individuality through the use of colors, unique patterns, outlines and more. The following guidelines are created to ensure stoles do not conflict with the university regalia and maintain a professional appearance at the commencement ceremony.

  • Solid blue should not be used as that is the color of the undergraduate commencement gown
  • Solid orange should not be used as that is the color of stole all graduates are eligible to purchase. 
  • Using Boise State names, logos or other indicia is optional, but if used the University brand guidelines must be followed. 
    • If wanting to use a university logo, the university “B” logo should be used by itself
    • Student organization logos or department-specific marks cannot be used on stoles. Instead, the organization name can be displayed in the university font, Gotham 
    • Greek letters for recognized university fraternities and sororities are permitted