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Brand Standards

A unified campus with a consistent brand and mission strengthens the university. A clear message and visual identity reflect a multi-faceted, but unified, organization — as a Metropolitan Research University of Distinction. There is a responsibility to ensure that the Boise State brand and imagery are used consistently and appropriately by all.

The Boise State Brand Standards have been developed to enable all university departments, centers, programs and university-sanctioned organizations to consistently represent Boise State in all formal and informal communications, web, advertising and marketing, and other promotional materials.

What is the Boise State brand?

A brand isn’t a logo. It isn’t a tagline or a product. A brand is our reputation. The way we speak, the way we act, the experiences that our students and visitors have on campus is our brand. Every person at Boise State, each department, and all the work they contribute, diverse as it may be, make up the Boise State brand.

Tools for Success


Email Standards

Email Standards

Merchandise Guidelines

Trademark and Licensing

Templates, Stationery and Signage

Printing and Graphics

Website Strategy


Meet the Brand Committee

The brand committee is made up of Boise State University employees who are well-versed in the university brand. The group meets at 10:30 a.m. each Friday to review designs, displays, marketing campaigns and outreach projects. Contact us any time. Tell us about your ideas. With an endorsement from the brand committee, you can confidently proceed with your marketing and promotions knowing you have the strength of the entire university brand behind you.

Have questions? Email us at

Current Committee Members

  • Kristen Brevik

    marketing operations coordinator

    Office of Communications and Marketing
  • Heather Carlson

    associate director

    University Advancement Communications
  • Lauren Griswold

    chief communications and marketing officer

    Office of Communications and Marketing
  • Ann Hottinger

    senior graphic designer

    Office of Communications and Marketing
  • Spencer Jahn

    trademark licensing specialist

    Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement
  • Melinda Keckler

    director of marketing

    Office of Communications and Marketing
  • Erin Maguire

    creative services lead

    Division of Extended Studies
  • Steve Marlatt

    associate manager

    Sign Shop
  • Crystal McBrayer

    creative director

    Office of Communications and Marketing
  • Cliff Starman

    contract administrator

    Campus Services
  • Mike Taylor

    web analyst

    Office of Information Technology Communications and Web Strategy
  • Cara Van Valkenburg

    promotions coordinator

    University Health Services
  • Chelsea Smith

    associate director of communications

  • Nicholas Garrett

    visual communications manager

    Student Affairs Marketing
  • Matt Thomas

    assistant athletic director, marketing & community engagement

  • Kathryn Beesley

    sign shop supervisor

    Printing & Graphics Services
  • Matt Jones

    Communication Specialist

    Office of Communications and Marketing
  • Jenny Barlow

    senior manager of communications and marketing operations

    Office of Communications and Marketing