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Marketing/ Project Planning

Questions For Every Photo Request


How many images do you need?


What/who is/are the photograph(s) of?


Can you use existing photos from Visual Services archives? Or do you need original photos taken specifically for your project?


How will the image be used (e.g., in a printed publication, on a Web site, for display, etc.)?


What are the file size requirements? Is this for a slideshow, a website, a banner or print materials?


Who is working with the images during production (e.g., a designer or Web developer)?


Where and when should the images be delivered? Should they go to you or to the designer? Please note that Visual Services does not post photos on the web for customers.

Before You Make Your Final Choice

  • Does the image enhance or clarify your message or help tell your story?
  • Is it appropriate for your audience?
  • Is this a picture you would want to look at?
  • Is the quality sufficient? Is it clear?
  • Is the image you chose current and accurate?

Requesting Original Photography

Consult your designer

She or he will have ideas about images for the project and can provide important information about what size and shape the images should be (e.g., vertical or horizontal), which influences how the photos are taken.

Confer with the photographer

Discuss your objectives and the designer’s input. Determine how many, what type, and where the photos will be taken: on location or studio setups, portraits, objects, an event, a building interior or exterior, etc. The photographer will determine the type of lighting needed and if props, backgrounds or special effects/equipment are required for the assignment.

Plan the shoot

Contact the people to be photographed, schedule the space and coordinate with the photographer’s schedule. If necessary, obtain permission to shoot at the planned location.

Be prepared

If you are shooting on location, the photographer and you and/or your designer should visit the site in advance so lighting requirements and creative issues, such as angles and setups can be considered.

Get release forms

If you are photographing people, releases forms are sometimes necessary. Have the subjects sign the forms and provide a copy for Visual Services to keep on file. Visual Services can provide you with release forms.

Photo/Video Release Form

Review the shots

Arrange a time to view the digital proofs in the Visual Services office.

Be selective

To get the right image, photographers shoot multiple frames of the same subject making slight adjustments in focus and exposure. When photographing people, several shots are often needed to capture the right expression and to compensate for people blinking or looking in the wrong direction. When you get the proofs, many of them will look the same at first glance. Examine them closely to determine which one is right for the job. Your designer can help you do this.