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Corporate Connections

Boise State Corporate Connections

Boise State Corporate Connections provides our partners with education and training opportunities that enhance economic and workforce development opportunities in the communities we share.

Whether you are building on your recruitment and retention plans or leading your organization to its full potential in a dynamic environment, we will work with you to identify and address your needs.

Our Goals are Simple:

  1. Build stronger businesses through powerful educational partnerships that help attract and retain the best talent.
  2. Provide high-quality training opportunities that move the entire organization forward as employees grow and contribute new and innovative ideas.
  3. Advance individuals and families through accessible education and high-quality employment outcomes.
  4. Enhance the economic and social vitality of the communities we collectively serve.

Our Approach

Are you looking to upskill an employee or team through one of Boise State’s hundreds of fully-online courses, high-quality professional development options or industry-relevant certificate or degree programs? Our team will work with YOU to define YOUR needs to help move YOUR organization and team forward.

We are

  • A Provider of high-quality online degree and certificate programs and in-depth professional development courses and programs.
  • A Consultant to help you incorporate education and training into your growth plan.
  • An Accountability Partner to assist you in staying on track to achieving YOUR goals.

Working With Us

Accessing Boise State Corporate Connections is easy. Open access options or exclusive agreements allow you to get what you need when you need it.

Open Access

No agreement is necessary. Work with our expert student success coaches and advisors to connect your employees to the content they need when they need it.

Exclusive Agreements

These agreements create direct support channels between Boise State and your organization. Exclusive agreements maximize the efficiency of employee benefit processes, improve marketing impact and provide direct communication and support to employees who may be interested in participating in the educational opportunities provided.

Custom Professional Development and Training Agreements

These agreements provide access to Boise State’s expert faculty to develop specialized content specific to your organizational needs.

Our Programs

Boise State Online offers close to 100 online programs and 800+ unique online courses to fit the needs of your employees. Looking for short-term professional development programs? Professional and Continuing Education creates custom programs to fit the needs of your organization.

Resources and Tools


Our objective is to remove barriers to education. We understand that time and money must be considered when establishing impactful employee education programs and benefits. Depending on your education plan, significant federal tax credits and Idaho Workforce Development Council funding are available to help you grow. Use the following resources to get started.

Employer-Funded Educational Assistance Programs

A growing number of Boise State programs offered through Corporate Connections are perfectly suited to help you develop employer-funded education assistance plans that are eligible for federal tax credits worth up to $5,250 per employee per year. This is a significant benefit for you and your employees. If you’re just getting started, visit the following links for more information and check back regularly for new tools and links.

Reference IRS publication 15b and IRS publication 970 for more information.

Idaho Workforce Development Council Resources

Idaho Launch

The state of Idaho is invested in you and your employees. Idaho Launch provides resources and training funds for Idahoans in need of workforce-ready certificate programs. Upon approval, Idaho Launch will cover 90% of the total cost of tuition, up to $7,500 (one-time availability, per Idahoan). Check back regularly for a growing list of eligible academic and training programs.

Idaho Launch Certificate Programs

Partner Payment Options

Your approach to education is as unique as you are. Boise State is ready to support you on an as-needed basis or as part of a formal partnership that provides distinct support to you and your employees. For those who are interested in a formal partnership, our team will work with you to develop the best approach to funding your tax-deductible employee assistance program.

Direct Payment by Employer

In this structure, the collaborating organization is billed directly for every student employee’s tuition and materials. This preferred approach allows the individual to focus on their education, employment and family rather than balancing tuition payments and financial deadlines.

Employee Reimbursement

In this model, students are initially billed for tuition and materials. They are subsequently reimbursed by the partnering organization in the amount or percentage described by the agreement, generally through an expense submission process.