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Dr. Md Asif Rahman

Md Asif Rahman's professional portrait


Md Asif Rahman’s Personal Website


Advisor: Yang Lu, Ph.D.

Post-graduation employment: Data Analytics Specialist/Program Admin Spec II, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services in Richmond, Virginia


Ph.D. in Computing, Data Science emphasis, Fall 2023
B.S. Civil Engineering
M.S. Civil Engineering


My research interests are the image processing, construction of concrete meso structure, and multiscale/multiphysics modeling of coupled chemo-physio-mechanical behaviors of concrete structures, to predict the service life of existing structures. This aims at developing simulation models as well as data driven automated damage models. I am working in the MicroMechanics & Smart Infrastructure Group to develop computation models for concrete utilizing machine learning and physics informed neural network (PINN). My current research work emphasizes alkali silica reaction (ASR) induced damage in concrete and its mitigation scheme, to make judicial choice of concrete materials in the construction industry. My research work on alkali silica reaction (ASR) induced damage of concrete structure under service loads and extreme weather events has already been published in the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, 2019, and ‘Journal of Construction and Building Materials’.