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Brian Kyanjo



Emphasis in Computational Math, Science and Engineering
B.S. in Physics and Mathematics
M.S. Mathematical Sciences

Advisor: Donna Calhoun


My research interests are in computational, climate, and mathematical modeling of real-life problems i.e. natural hazards: Cyclones, Tornadoes, floods, etc., and also scientific Software development.
Currently, I am working on implementing Discontinuous Galerkin methods used by Prof. Kopera in Numo project (which aims to build a new non-hydrostatic ocean model) into Forest Claw (a parallel, adaptive library for finite volume methods on Cartesian grids), developed by Prof. Donna. Am doing this with Prof. Donna Calhoun, Prof. Michal Kopera, and Yao Gahounzo. Soon i will start working on my PhD project in Atmospheric Sensing funded by NASA with Prof. Donna Calhoun.