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Computational Math Science and Engineering Ph.D.

Application Requirements for Computational Math Science and Engineering Ph.D.

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Degree Requirements

  • COMPUT 601 – Introduction to Graduate Studies (1 credit)

Required Core Courses (12 credits):

  • MATH 567 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations (3 credits)
  • CS 566/MATH 566 Numerical Linear Algebra (3 credits)
  • CS 507 Computing Foundations for Computational Science (3 credits)
  • COMPUT/ME 571 – Parallel Scientific Computing (3 credits)

Domain Science Courses (6 credits):

Elective Courses (10 credits):

  • Must be approved by the supervisory committee and Computing Program directors. Pre-approved electives and specific requirements are given in the student handbook

Comprehensive Exam (1 credit):

  • COMPUT 691 Doctoral Comprehensive Examination (1 credit)

Dissertation (30 credits):

  • COMPUT 693 Dissertation (30 credits)

Total Credits: 60

Content on this page is provided as a quick reference for planning. All official degree requirements are published on the Graduate Catalog site.