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Cyber Security Testimonials

Samer Khamaiseh – Ph.D. Candidate in Cyber Security

Becoming a professor at a university has been my dream since I started working as a Cybersecurity specialist after my undergraduate degree. I realized that if I could teach my students the tools and techniques that I used on the job every day, then they would have a head start right out of college.

I enrolled at Boise State University as a master’s student in Computer Science. Five years after coming to BSU, I am now preparing to defend my dissertation to earn my Ph.D. in Cybersecurity. I selected the computing Ph.D. program at BSU since it provides substantial resources ranging from distinguished professors to the funding resources that help students engage in cutting-edge research. My research focuses on solving many challenging security issues in Software-Defined Networking. Looking back, my favorite part of my Ph.D. journey has been sharing my research with others – in the classroom, and at international conferences.