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PhD Student with an Emphasis in Computer Science

Shashank Bangalor Lakshman

“I’m eternally grateful for [my machine learning instructor’s] help in clarifying my doubts, even during weekends. This hands-on approach has been an important component of my success so far and his passion for the subject motivates me to strive harder towards my own goals in academic research.”

What Students Say

Why Boise State?

Amrina Ferdous – “There is a diverse community of students, free fun events on campus for students, helpful faculty members, [and overall, a] friendly environment to survive.”

Janet Layne – “The city of Boise is … amazing, so who doesn’t want to live here?”

Aprajita Shukla – “Lots of opportunities.”

Damyn Chipman – “The Ph.D. in Computing program; it’s unique and allows for great interdisciplinary studies”

Kenny Ballou – “[It] has a lot to offer as a city, great outdoor recreation close by, everything is close together, and the community makes Boise still feel like a small town.”

Computational Math, Science and Engineering Emphasis Ph.D. Student

Jim Beck

“I enjoy the relationship with my committee, in general, and my advisor in particular. I think these relationships are what you make of them. I did not initially realize the amount of commitment that an advisor/committee undertakes and have been thankful for their investments in my progress. I’ve been impressed with their ability to provide guidance while also supporting my individual goals.”

PhD Student with an Emphasis in Computer Science

Amifa Raj

“Before applying for admission I was going through different professor’s research areas. My current supervisor’s research projects seemed interesting to me. I reached out to him and he suggested me to apply to the Computer Science Ph.D. program at Boise State.”