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Human & Animal

Biological & Physiological Services

If you have any questions about the services below or services that you are interested but do not appear on the list, please contact Dick Sevier.

Biomolecular Research Center (BRC)), Boise StateMass spectrometry, imaging, histology, biomolecular characterization (size, shape,
structure), molecular biology and tissue culture
Characterization of biomolecules with emphasis on proteins, their interactions and role in biomedical and environmental processes.BRC
Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCCF), Biology Dept, Boise StateExamining, counting, and sorting cells.Medicine, especially genetics, immunology, oncology, hematology and transplantation. Plant and marine biology, including bacteriological and yeast analysisBSU Biology Dept
Raptor Research Center (RRC), Biology Dept, Boise StateTechnical assistance (telemetry, population surveys, research for birds of prey and other wildlife.Population tracking and mapping and migration, identifying food habits, avian habitat use.RRC
Human Performance Lab (HPL), Boise State Kinesiology Dept.Physiological and fitness assessment: cardiorespiratory endurance, anaerobic power, metabolic testing, muscular fitness, body composition, pulmonary function, electrocardiography, agility, balance, coordination, reaction time, speed.Personal and patient health, sports training, athletic performanceHPL
Center for Orthopaedic and Biomechanics Research (COBR), Boise StateMulti-camera motion-capture and visualization, multi-axis ground reaction force measurement, skeletal muscle activation measurement, metabolic testing.Biomechanical analysis, (gait, running, balance, etc.), optimization of athletic performance and injury reduction (golf swing, weight lifting, bicycling, etc.).COBR