Human Performance Lab

Welcome to the Human Performance Lab

To EXPLORE the factors and limits of Human Performance.
To EVALUATE Human Performance.
To EDUCATE students and practitioners of Human Performance.
To ENHANCE Human Performance.

The Human Performance Laboratory at Boise State University is a facility designated to teach, conduct research, and provide service to faculty, staff, students, and individuals in the community. Among the physiological and fitness parameters measured in the laboratory are:

  • cardiorespiratory endurance (maximal oxygen uptake),
  • anaerobic power,
  • muscular fitness (strength and endurance),
  • muscular flexibility,
  • body composition,
  • pulmonary function,
  • resting and stress electrocardiography,
  • agility,
  • balance,
  • coordination,
  • power,
  • reaction time, and
  • speed.