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Robotics Research Laboratory


Measurement & Control Engineering Research Center,
Idaho State University
Pocatello, Idaho

Lab Director

Dr. Omid Heidari

Expertise and Research:

The areas of research in this lab include kinematics and motion planning, human limbs rehabilitation and synergy identification, augmented/virtual reality applications in robotics and kinematics, robot-human interaction and multi-fingered robotics hands. This lab has conducted several projects with industrial partners as well as other universities and research centers. We would also encourage and welcome researchers from other fields such as computer science, physical therapy, control and mechatronics to join us as the interdisciplinary nature of robotics creates opportunities for collaborations and opens door to interesting research topics.

Scheduling & Contracting Work

Please contact the lab director to discuss work you would like done in this lab.

Robotics Research Lab Website

Lab Equipment Table

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AssetFieldApplicationLab Name
ABB IRB 120RoboticsIndustrial applicationsRobotics Lab
Microsoft HoloLensAugmented RealityHuman-Robot interactionRobotics Lab
Four sets of Oculus RiftVirtual RealityRehabilitation and robot synthesisRobotics Lab
2 VR-ready Alienware PCsVR/ARPlatform for VR/AR developmentRobotics Lab
2 VR-ready Alienware LaptopsVR/ARPlatform for VR/AR developmentRobotics Lab
iRobotRoboticsMotion planning and mappingRobotics Lab
The Barret HandRoboticsRobotic hand and graspingRobotics Lab
Adept SCARARoboticsAutomation and ManipulationRobotics Lab
MakerBot Replicator3D printingCreate prototypes of designed mechanisms and manipulatorsRobotics Lab
Microsoft 360 Kinect SensorVisionObject Recognition and ManipulationRobotics Lab
Microsoft Kinect for Xbox oneVisionObject Recognition and ManipulationRobotics Lab
Five Leap Motion CamerasHand gesture detectionVR based kinematics and rehabilitationRobotics Lab