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Choosing the Right Active Learning Strategies

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Evidence shows that students learn best when they are actively engaged with the content and each other. In this Foundations of Teaching workshop, participants were introduced to, shared, and planned how to implement various active learning strategies into their courses, in alignment with the learning outcomes and assessments.

Workshop Takeaways

In order to choose an active learning strategy for your class
  • Identify the Learning Outcome the activity will support;
  • Determine a method for the activity (the kind of thinking/doing you want from students);
  • Pick a format (how the activity will be structured, e.g., in pairs, small groups, individually, etc.)
  • Provide students with a variety of ways to engage with the content, you, and each other, in alignment with the principles of Universal Design for Learning.
When preparing a class session, think about how to incorporate active learning throughout.
  • Choose an opening activity that will get students’ attention and jump start the class session.
  • During the session, consider ways that students can apply/explain/self-learn course concepts.
  • Choose a closing activity that will wrap up the class period by offering closure and a chance for students to reflect on their learning and/or the content.

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