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The following initiatives are campus-wide endeavors supported by the Center for Teaching and Learning in partnership with university administration and other campus agencies.

Investments Needed for Undergraduate Success and Equity (INFUSE) Initiative

The INFUSE initiative supports departments and faculty across the institution in making teaching improvements to increase student success and achieve equitable student outcomes while enhancing the teaching culture. Projects must be focused on student success and retention and each project should include the following components:  new exploration and adoption of evidence-based instructional practices, engagement in a continuous improvement process of teaching and learning that is evidenced and informed by meaningful assessment, and a plan to stimulate departmental dialogue around teaching.

BUILD Campus Forums Initiative

Supported with funds from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the BUILD Campus Forums Initiative is aimed at building capacity for and commitment to fostering a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive Boise State University. This 2-year initiative expands on the BUILD Certificate Program started in 2017 and will offer programs to support participants to consider their own thinking and perspectives on diversity and inclusion and catalyze individual and collective movement toward Boise State’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

COVID-19: Flexible Teaching for Student Success Initiative

We have developed a variety of resources designed to help us teach flexibly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Implementing a Framework for Assessing Teaching Effectiveness (IFATE)

To improve teaching, Implementing a Framework for Assessing Teaching Effectiveness (IFATE) seeks to introduce a new strategy for assessing teaching and to explore challenges to its adoption with the intent to inform policy, practice, and future development/implementation of the framework. We envision a university educational system in which inclusive, learner-centered teaching is appropriately assessed, recognized, and rewarded. Therefore, we will lay the groundwork for institutional improvement and change across disciplines while enhancing the effectiveness of undergraduate education via effective assessment of teaching, professional development for instructors, and effective pedagogical techniques.

Promoting Educational Reform through Strategic Investments in Systemic Transformation (PERSIST)

Promoting Educational Reform through Strategic Investments in Systemic Transformation (PERSIST) was a Boise State project in the National Science Foundation WIDER program, which stands for Widening Implementation and Dissemination of Evidence-Based Reforms. WIDER aims to substantially scale up evidence-based instructional practices. WIDER’s ultimate goals are improved student learning and retention and increased number and graduation of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) majors, including under-represented students. Boise State PERSIST extends WIDER’s goal across the university.