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The Center for Teaching and Learning sponsors workshops to provide Boise State educators with opportunities to reinforce effective teaching practices, learn from and share with colleagues, and reflect upon how to create learning environments in which all students can succeed.

Not sure which workshop is right for you? We have organized our workshops into tracks to help you choose the best session for your needs.

Register for a Workshop

You can see our full workshop list at the bottom of this page. Clicking on the “Register” button will take you to our event system, Bronco Impacts. Please refer to our instructions for using Bronco Impacts for assistance with creating an account, registering for events, and much more.  If you need additional assistance, please contact us at or by calling (208) 426-4610.

In addition to our offerings, you might also consider these additional BUILD learning opportunities that support diversity and inclusion efforts at Boise State, and workshops and seminars offered for online instructors by the eCampus Center.

Workshop Tracks

Course Design Workshops

The Course Design track is designed for faculty new to teaching and/or course design. The workshops can be completed in sequence, or educators can choose to attend the sessions that are most relevant to their course planning needs. Workshops in this track will offer an introduction to specific components of  backwards course design, such as how to craft learning outcomes, develop transparent and authentic assessments, and plan student-centered activities. During the two-hour session, participants will learn about evidence-based approaches to building a course, partake in activities and discussions with peers, and be guided to start applying what they learn.

Designing for Student Success

The Designing for Student Success track is designed for faculty who are ready to build on their existing knowledge of effective teaching practices. Workshops offered through this track provide deeper dives into specific practices that support student success in the classroom. These sessions include an hour of active topic exploration through activities and discussions, followed by 30 minutes of optional work time to further apply learning and consult with the workshop facilitator. Participants are welcome to attend just the first hour, or stay for the optional extended work and discussion time, based on their availability.

Effective Program Assessment

The Effective Program Assessment track is designed for individual or groups of faculty who are involved in the Program Assessment Report (PAR) process in their department. Topics for these sessions are drawn from the components of the PAR rubric and include examples of how Boise State faculty approach the assessment of student learning across their degree program. During the one-hour session, participants will learn about successful strategies for program assessment and have the opportunity to talk with colleagues about how to apply the ideas shared.

Partner Resources

The Partner Resource track is designed to connect educators to units on campus that support teaching and learning. These one-hour sessions are led by staff from campus units invested in supporting student learning and success. Participants will be introduced to services available to them and their students, and have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty and staff across campus.

Talking Teaching

The Talking Teaching track provides space for educators to learn from each other. These sessions are informal (but guided) conversations about topics that are timely and important to – and led by – educators at Boise State. Anyone who teaches at Boise State can suggest a topic for discussion by emailing The goals for these one-hour sessions are to promote meaningful interaction between educators, provide opportunities to share effective strategies, and brainstorm solutions to challenges.

Have an idea for a workshop?

Want to share with fellow faculty a teaching technique you have been using in your course? Then let us know! Simply fill out our Workshop Proposal Form and one of our staff will get back to you to learn more about your idea.

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