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The Impact of AI on Higher Education: A Faculty Panel Brownbag Event

An open laptop rests on a table displaying the opening page to Chat GPT
Photo by Hatice Baran

The emergence of free, powerful, and easy-to-use generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) has caused significant disruption in higher education, as institutions & educators have pondered the implications of student access to tools such as DALL-E and ChatGPT. Many have argued that we are only at the beginning of what will be a significant reshaping of higher education, as sweeping as those that have been affected in the past by computers, the internet, and social media. On May 3, a panel of Boise State faculty from across the disciplines will lead a discussion of how AI will affect the landscape of higher education. The Center for Teaching and Learning, College of Innovation & Design, and the AI in Education Task Force invite you to bring your lunch– along with your questions, concerns, insights, and areas of excitement– to this conversation on a major change that will affect us all, in both the short- and long-term.


Shawn Benner (Dean, College of Innovation & Design)

Tod Colegrove (Dean, Albertsons Library)

Edward Ferrier (Department of Philosophy)

Steven Hyde (Department of Management)

Melissa Keith (Department of Writing Studies)

Casey Kennington (Department of Computer Science)

Leslie Madsen (Center for Teaching & Learning, Department of History)

Craig Peariso (Art, Design, & Visual Studies)

Brett Shelton (Department of Educational Technology)

To register, please visit the Center for Teaching & Learning Event Calendar. Registration will be limited to the first 65 registrants.