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Join the Spring 2024 Adjunct Faculty Learning Community!

The Adjunct Faculty Learning Community (AFLC) is designed to address pedagogical questions that adjunct faculty may have, and to help them build a community of fellow educators. The AFLC will also provide opportunities for adjunct faculty to reflect on what they have learned about teaching thus far, their strengths and areas for growth, and who they are as instructors.

Activities of the Adjunct Faculty Learning Community:

  • Attend four cohort meetings. These meetings will be held every three weeks during the semester. Specific dates and times will be set based on the availability of cohort participants. Each meeting will provide an opportunity for participants to share what they have learned through the activities of the AFLC, share teaching experiences, and build community.

  • Attend at least one CTL workshop during the semester. A workshop schedule can be found on the CTL’s Workshops page.

  • Have a Mid-Semester Assessment (MAP) conducted for a course they teach. Information on MAPs can be found on the MAP webpage.

  • Engage in four asynchronous learning modules (~ 1 hour per module) administered via Canvas that focus on pedagogical questions and concepts based on the foundations of teaching and learning.

  • Submit a brief reflection on a new teaching technique they attempted during the AFLC.

Each participant who completes all parts for the AFLC will receive a $200 stipend. To apply, complete this application form by 9:00am on January 16th, 2024.

Please contact Sarah Lausch ( with any questions or concerns.