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First-Time Faculty Fellows

As we embark on a new academic semester filled with possibilities and opportunities, it brings us great pleasure to introduce our initial Faculty Fellows for our first-ever Faculty Fellows Program. This innovative program is designed to elevate the academic experience, foster collaboration, and empower faculty and staff to share their time and talents with our community.

What is the Faculty Fellows Program?

The Faculty Fellows Program is a unique and forward-thinking initiative aimed at bringing together exceptional educators from multiple disciplines to engage in cross-disciplinary collaboration, research, and best practices. This program is not just a fellowship; it is a dynamic community that seeks to cultivate a culture of innovation, intellectual exploration, and shared learning.

Amber Hoye will be providing interactive online workshops to assist faculty in adopting or modifying existing open educational resources (OER). These resources will cater to both novice and intermediate faculty users of OER.

Serena Morales will facilitate a Community of Practice of six faculty from various disciples. They will explore how to shift their assessment practices toward a standards/outcome-based assessment architecture that includes backwards design, authentic summative assessments, and formative feedback cycles.

The CTL is excited to work with Amber and Serena as our first-time faculty fellows.  We are also thrilled to engage faculty in this very important work.  Amber’s OER workshops are listed on the CTL workshop page(linked)  If you missed the call to participate with Serena’s CoP, and want to join, let us know!


Christina Nava