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The Cyberdome

A collaborative hub for competency-based development, with the mission of reducing risk for rural communities while producing a “Ready to Work” cybersecurity workforce.

Meet Our Cyberdome Team

Overseen by trained cybersecurity professionals, Cyberdome student workers receive six months of hands-on experience by providing cybersecurity services to the Cyberdome’s ten clients throughout Idaho.

Closing the Gap

The cybersecurity industry faces an “activation gap”, with many cybersecurity college graduates requiring six months of training to become active.

Our students graduate from the Cyberdome’s six-month program with 500 hours of experience, two industry certifications and a cyber-related degree, ready to step into professional cybersecurity positions.

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Success After the Cyberdome

Meet current and previous Cyberdome student workers who have capitalized on their time in the Cyberdome to make an impact in their community.

The Cyberdome is mutually beneficial for Idaho students, and its ten clients – comprised of rural Idaho K-12 school districts, rural counties with election system security, and critical rural city systems that support water and electric districts.


Assets Monitored


Possible Attacks Analyzed


Potential Real-Time Attacks Stopped

Meet Our Partners

The Cyberdome partners with cybersecurity providers across the world to provide top of the line protection to clients and give students hands-on experience to industry technology.

Interested in Engaging with Our Student Workers?

Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.

Cyberdome in the News

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