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February 2021 Student Basic Needs Collaborative Updates

The Student Basic Needs Collaborative serves as a knowledge hub, streamlining information, and regularly communicating to the Boise State community the resources and services available to them to aid in basic needs security. The collaborative identifies gaps and brings together experts in areas related to our overarching strategic intent to provide guidance, advice, and recommendations to Boise State’s policies and procedures that aim to address the basic needs of our dynamic student population.

Some recent updates on the SBNC include:

  • Finalizing the membership of the Steering Committee. Our members include co-chairs Donna Llewellyn (Academic Affairs) and Lauren Oe (Student Affairs) as well as Valerie Marsh (University Finance), Connor Tudbury (Advancement), Sherry Squires (University Marketing & Communication), and Astrid Wilde (Student Representative).
  • The first steering committee meeting with this new membership was held on February 10th. See the meeting agenda, decisions, and next steps.┬áThe next steering committee meeting will be held on March 8th.
  • Meeting with President Tromp is scheduled for March 5th. We want to ensure the work of the SBNC is in alignment with the work of the University as a whole.

Updated SBNC – How We Operate