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Helpful Publications

Additional readings that may be helpful in responding to concerning behavior:

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  2. de Becker, Gavin. The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Instincts that Protect Us from Violence. Dell, 11 May 1999.
  3. O’Toole, Mary Ellen & Bowman, Alisa. Dangerous Instincts. Hudson Street Press, 13 October 2011.
  4. Myers, D. & Rosenberger, E. “A Humanistic Framework for Helping Students.” American College Personnel Association and Wiley Periodicals, 3 December 2012, Accessed 23 January 2018.
  5. Souza, Tasha, Vizenor, Nancy, Sherlip, Diane, & Raser, Lisa. “Transforming conflict in the classroom: Best practices for facilitating difficult dialogues and creating an inclusive communication climate.” Transforming Conflict through Communication: Personal to Working Relationships, Kellen, Peter & Matyok, Thomas. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2016.