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Referrals to the CARE Team

The Boise State CARE team was created in fall 2011 because of campus incidents of concern and efforts by other institutions of learning to prevent tragedies. The CARE team has defined its mission as responding to reports regarding students, faculty, staff, and third parties who exhibit distressing, disturbing, or disruptive behavior that may pose a threat to themselves or the university, and to prevent acts of violence or self-harm (Policy 12050).

The campus community is encouraged to submit CARE alerts at If you are unsure if a CARE alert is appropriate, it is helpful to ask yourself “could this behavior put someone (self or others) at risk?” If the answer is yes, then submit.

When a CARE alert is submitted, the CARE team reviews the information to determine the necessary response plan. In most instances, the CARE team brings in appropriate offices and campus/community personnel to assist with intervention and may work alongside the individual who submitted the alert to address their concern.

CARE alerts can be submitted anonymously; however, anonymous reporting often limits the team’s ability to respond. Additionally, even though the CARE team strives to maintain a high level of anonymity, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. If you are worried about retaliation for submitting a CARE alert, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at (208) 426-1527.