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Threatening Behavior Action Plan

If the threat is immediate, call 911 for immediate police response.

Action Steps:

Early preparation and prevention (before any situation has arisen):

1. Have Public Safety’s number in your cell phone (208) 426-6911
2. Know where to report crimes. For non-emergency reporting, contact Public Safety
3. Know where emergency phones are located (Bluelight Emergency Phones/AED locations)
4. Know where emergency exits are located in classrooms, buildings, etc.
5. Plan out potential responses to different situations that may arise. Run through scenarios in your head and practice how you will respond
6. Know your conflict management style ( e.g., avoiding, accommodating, compromising)

Preparing (if a situation feels like it is starting to escalate):

1. Notify security of any potential situation
2. Request a security standby
3. Notify the CARE team to make sure the larger campus is on alert of the potential threat and can assist with a response
4. Consult with your department chair, a representative from the Office of the Dean of Students, or Public Safety to determine the best way to address your safety concerns
5. Request your department chair or senior faculty to sit in your class or in your meeting with the student

In the moment:

1. If there is an immediate dangerous/threatening situation, call 911 or Public Safety at (208) 426-6911
2. The first priority should be to keep yourself and your class safe. Be aware of your position in the room and/or surrounding areas, as well as others’ positions. Keep calm by applying cycled breathing and thinking calm thoughts
3. If safe to do so, ask the student to leave the classroom
4. If you do not feel safe asking the student to leave the classroom, remove yourself and other students from the situation. End class but do not stay behind with the student
5. When calling 911 or Public Safety, have the following information: who you are, parties involved, location, and what is occurring.
“This is (your name) in building X, room X. There is a fight occurring between students, and I need immediate help.”


1. Notify the CARE team to make sure the larger campus is on alert of the potential threat and can an assist with a response
2. Contact your department chair for next steps


● Do your own research/investigation on the student or the situation
● Place yourself in further jeopardy
● Manage the situation on your own
● Use physical gestures or statements that may further escalate the situation
● Tell someone to calm down or relax. While the statement comes with good intention, these kinds of statements don’t help the person relax and may escalate the situation

After safety has been addressed, it is strongly suggested that you notify your department chair/associate dean and the Office of the Dean of Students at (208) 426-1527 whenever the police have been requested to intervene. In instances where the reported conduct constitutes a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, the Dean of Students Office can also assist you in filing a Student Code of Conduct complaint form and/or providing a support plan.