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Student Outreach and CARE Referrals

Before referring a student for outreach, continue reading below for information on when to refer and what to expect after referring.

Submit a Referral

When to Refer

Refer a student for outreach when they:

  • May not seek out support on their own.
  • May be in need of support while navigating a family emergency.
  • May be struggling to meet their basic needs (food, housing, medical, etc.)
  • May have been impacted by a natural disaster or other personal tragedy.
  • May need support understanding or navigating university policies, appeals or procedures.

What to Expect After Referring

Upon referring a student to Student Outreach & Assistance, our team will provide outreach to invite the student to engage in support.

Other helpful things to know about this referral:

  • Follow-up and engagement from the student is optional. As stated in our guiding principles, we promote student self-determination, including their right to engage in support or not.
  • Students have a right to privacy when seeking support from us, thus our ability to communicate regarding this referral will be limited.
  • If needed, referral information will be shared with other outreach teams (i.e. Academic Alert, CARE) to provide the student the most appropriate level of support.

CARE Alerts

Sometimes, concerns for a student go beyond normal signs of distress or basic need support. If your concern for a student includes behaviors that may pose a threat to themselves or others, consider submitting a CARE alert instead.

Submit a CARE Alert