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Worried About a Student?

A student experiencing problems will likely come to your attention before they come to ours. Often times, it can be difficult to know how best to respond.

Our office is available to help students problem solve difficult situations and access resources to help overcome complex hardships.


Our office provides consultation services to concerned staff, faculty, parents, and peers to help them navigate challenging student situations. Please reach out to us for guidance and support.


Students often don’t know what support is available to them. You can help connect them. See our Helpful & Supportive Communication pages for strategies on how to respond and refer students who may be struggling.

Here are some helpful tips for a successful referral:

  • Share your concerns with the student — be specific and objective
  • Be direct about the limits of your ability to assist them. Let them know that there are people on campus that can help.
  • Share some information about the Office of the Dean of Students.
  • Ask their permission to help them connect to our office. Assist them with setting up an appointment and/or if you could contact our office on their behalf.

CARE alert

Sometimes concerns for an individual goes beyond normal signs of distress. If your concern for a student includes behaviors that may pose a threat to themselves or others, consider submitting a CARE alert to access assistance from the University.

CARE is comprised of representatives from various departments across campus who are trained to assess and respond to more concerning situations.

Notify CARE of a concern

Responding to Student Behavior – Faculty Guide

This Faculty Guide aims to assist Boise State University faculty members in preventing and responding to disruptive, distressing, and threatening student behaviors.

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