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Building Updates

Building Access

The Communication Building will generally be open from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. This is standard operational hours, in conjunction with holiday and campus closures.


  • Closed May 10th – August 12th
  • Entry: available through ALL THREE entrances with approved student and faculty ID cards

Department Offices

In addition to the above protocols, the Department of Communication adjust their operations to ensure we serve various populations of faculty, staff, and students.

  • The Main Office will be physically open M-F, 9am – 5pm with visibly posted closures

In addition:

  • We encourage students to email their COMM Advisor.
  • For more information about advising, see the department’s Advising Page.
  • Questions can be directed to the department advising office at:

For immediate COVID-19 assistance:

  • To learn more about campus public health protocols, please visit our Boise State Public Health website. 
  • Visit the Boise State Public Health Dashboard to keep up to date on campus COVID-19 numbers, Boise’s CDC community level and circulating variants.

  • On March 1st, 2024, CDC guidelines changed regarding COVID-19 isolation recommendations. This is because we are in a very different place with COVID-19 than we once were.
  • For these reasons, there are no longer requirements for isolating when you test positive for COVID-19.
  • You do not need to contact Public Health with information about a case of COVID-19 unless you live on campus and have a shared bedroom and would like to take advantage of Public Health housing.
  • Public Health’s main phone number is (208) 426-1523 for any questions.